Friday, December 24, 2010

New Pattern Books

New books & patterns are always arriving!
So, no surprise that I have some more to share with you!

{Garden Club}
By Blackbird Designs

{A Touch of Rosie Quilts}
By Carrie L. Nelson

There are 14 different designs! I am pretty sure this book will be perfect for everyone of all quilting types & levels.

{Fun-to-Fashion Jewelry}
By Goose Berry Patch

Always admire some of the cute handmade necklaces you & bracelets you see around?!?!?!? Now make your own!

And lastly, and very appropriate for Christmas Eve:

{The Farm Chicks Christmas}
By Serena Thompson

From Holiday home decor to decorating tips, this book is fabulous! :)

**Happy Holidays!**

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