Thursday, November 15, 2012

Add THIS Your Christmas List....

Some people are super lucky and they always end up with the most fabulous-I've always wanted this-Christmas gift.  Without even asking for it. 

Some need to give their loved ones a little 'help'.
Me? I fall into the 'help' department! :)

If you also fall into the later then maybe you just might want to add THIS to your list!

Have you seen these before, possibly at the shoppe?

Perfect for your sewing room!
One table for trimming the other for pressing.

No need to go up/down, up/down again....unless you like too :p

These aren't flimsy, they are super sturdy and are completely adjustable to fit/attach to any table!

Put one on each side with your sewing machine in the space between and you will officially be in sewing heaven!

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