Saturday, January 24, 2015

{Downton Abbey Tea Party 2015}

It's almost time for our 2nd Annual Downton Abbey Tea Party!!
We had a wonderful time last year! Don't miss out on all the fun!!!

March 10, 2015
2:00 or 7:00

*Limited Seating*
call for reservations
$5.00 donation-includes sales event ticket


  1. What happens at a Downtown Abbey Tea Party??

  2. ^^ The new fabric lines are featured as well as the quilts made from them. Fabric line research, inside scoop on the downton Abbey castle, crew, story, and cast! Lots of fun and food!

  3. Well, I for one was greatly disappointed with the "Downton Abbey Tea Party", with all the talk about dressing up in era clothing and such and with being told that only those that dressed up were eligible for the prizes, which was to include quilt kits valuing $200 or more....Those of us that went thru the effort and expense of dressing up didn't even get anything special like we were lead to believe. You could at least have given us a Fat Quarter. There were only 7 of us that dressed. Even the employees from The Gathering Place didn't dress in era clothing.....good grief and after all the talking they did about their outfits...In reality it was a promotion for Andover Fabrics and even tho it was some what interesting it was not promoted as such. The Gathering Place should have been up front about that and called it what is was....An Andover Promo with refreshments. To say I was disappointed would be an understatement.. I and my friends were expecting an English tea having been told they were coming all the way from New York to put this on to have store bought cookies was quite the let down. Good grief you didn't even have tea cups. (you do realize that you can put any beverage in them) plain white "paper" plates and not even enough napkins per table. As for the dishonest way it was promoted I don't know that I will be going back to The Gathering Place, it has lost it's charm for me.