Wednesday, January 19, 2011

{New Pattern Books}

I have four new pattern books to show you all.

Out of the four, three of them are about 'techniques' or 'basics of quilting' or 'weekend projects made easy'. Seeing a pattern here?!??!

We will start with the 'odd' ball of the four. :)

{Handmade Beginnings}
By Anna Maria Horner

What can top a baby book that is full of all things baby?
Maybe a book full of all things baby + a few projects for all things "Expecting Mommy" :)

{Stitch} Magazine
The technique issue: Spring 2011

I {heart} this magazine. It always has some fun sewing projects!

{The Practical Guide to Patchwork}
By Elizabeth Hartman

12 Quilt Projects included!
This book has it all. From the beginning. If you are one that is nervous about making your first quilt, this book will help.

Too bad it can't come to my house and help cut my fabric exactly straight every time.....

{Quilting in No Time}
By Emma Hardy

50 (yes FIFTY!) step by step weekend projects made easy!

There is ALOT of ideas in this book! From throw pillows, to coasters, to aprons, to baby crib quilts, to bags, all the way around to toys! Wow!

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