Monday, August 30, 2010


The shoppe is constantly adding samples of all the wonderful patterns they carry (of course made out of the some of the {amazing} fabric they carry!)

The recent addition is one of Amy Butler's Patterns:

All of Amy Butler's patterns are very well written and well illustrated to help you with the whole sewing process.
She did not disappoint on this pattern! Plus isn't this jacket just so super cute!?!?!?!

The outside of the jacket is made out of vinyl! Truly is waterproof for those rainy days!
It is fully lined on the inside too!

As of right now, here is what the shoppe carries as far as the vinyl:

And here is the finished beauty....

I had to learn to make a thread belt loop! I actually was really excited to do this, because I have always wanted to know how! :)

Tips for sewing with Vinyl material:

*After purchasing the vinyl, if it's going to be a few days before you start the project: either lay your fabric all the way open, or roll it onto a tube just like they are at the shoppe. This will help with unnecessary creases!

*Don't place a hot iron on the front of the vinyl. Use only a warm iron on the back side. Better tip: don't get impatient and turn the heat to high while ironing the just might melt. Not that I learned from experience.... :)

*The back of Amy's pattern has this listed as 'extra' stuff to have if using vinyl, but it's at the very bottom in small print. Here is what made the sewing project alot easier for me:
*You don't need a teflon sewing foot for your machine (mine is for Bernina), but it definitely made it easier! My vinyl didn't slip ONCE!

*SHARP needles! The package of needles actually says "SHARP NEEDLES!"

*Transparent tape: since you can't pin the vinyl, just taping the pattern pieces to the vinyl helped keep the pieces in place while you cut.

*Button & Carpet thread: You use this to sew on your buttons AND make your belt loops.

*By far the best thing: Wash away wonder tape! I used this to place the hood in it's place and keep it from shifting while attaching it and I also used it to keep my hem on the bottom of the coat and the arm cuffs in place, since you can only finger press the seam instead of press with your iron. This held it perfect....heaven! ;)

The pattern isn't just for kids though, she has a pattern available for adults too!

I just might have to make myself a new jacket......

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