Tuesday, August 24, 2010

{Tour the Shoppe Tuesday}

Want to see what our 10,500 square feet of space looks like?!?!?

As mentioned previously we have over 15,000 bolts of fabric.....Let me take you on a little tour, every Tuesday another section....

Right inside the front door.

This is what you see the second you step foot inside our shoppe.

Take a look and take it all in, it's fabulous :)

See the black bench right in front???
That is constantly changing with the newest fabric line. Actually, since taking this picture the fabric line on that bench has changed. :)

When visiting the shoppe, don't forget to look UP, TONS of quilt samples are hanging all around. You won't want to miss admiring all the cute-ness.

Also right inside the front door, if you look left you will see another bench display. That is also constantly changing. Current fabric line: Awesome by Sandy Gervais.

Want some help??? You can most likely find one of us by the cutting counter (Nice little arrow helping you out as to where to look!)

Just looking at the entrance picture I can go on & on about tons of stuff, but baby steps. You can't rush through a FABULOUS shoppe like this one!

See you next Tuesday for another tour! :)

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