Tuesday, August 31, 2010

{Tour the Shoppe Tuesday}

The end of last week, I made a visit to the shoppe to take pictures of for today.....
Yesterday I walked into the shoppe to deliver the {raincoat} and half of the shelves that I had taken pictures of & was going to feature had been moved and were in the process of re-organizing!

Just when I think I know where 'most' of the fabric goes, it moves (never a bad thing....just keeps me on my toes!)

I initially decided that I would just feature the other side of the store first, but I decided against it. So today's feature only has the front wall which is....


Makes me excited just typing out the word! :)

After entering the store if you look left you will find it. Not hard to miss....

Christmas is all on the left side of the aisle. We will ignore all that is on the right side of the aisle, since that is all different now....next week.

Before I move onto the next/close up pictures, see the little room in the corner?!??! Well, there are two rooms and they are toy rooms for the little ones!

Always cute little displays....

A few of the top fabric is flannel....
Bottom fabric is all cotton (& I LOVE this line btw!)

Some of the Christmas fabric pictured is:

Hip Holidays
At Home for the Holidays
Makin' New Friends
Plus many more.....

See y'all next week! ;)

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