Tuesday, November 2, 2010

{Tour The Shoppe Tuesday}

The section of the shoppe that I am taking you into is the section we call the 'juvenile' section.
It is screaming all things little kids!

It has a few bolts of flannel :) (a few.....ha!)

This wall.....

and this row is all full of flannel! ;)

And row.....

after row......

after row of cotton fabric....

And let us not forget the SOFTEST wall in the store!
The wall of minky!

If you have never put minky on the back of one of your quilts, may I suggest you do one?!??! You will soon become a fan! :)

There is the neutral/plain minky

And some decorative minky thrown in with the pastels....

Want to make a quilt or two out of ALL minky?!??!
Here is two quilt patterns you (or your loved one!) will absolutely love being wrapped up in!

LOVE the cotton ruffle on the edges of this one!

Or there is this one:

See it over there in the corner of the picture?
Here is a better view:

And lastly, remember the 'color wall' I mentioned last week?!?!?
Well, this section has one too! All full of bright fun fabrics!

Thanks for taking the tour with me!

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