Wednesday, November 10, 2010

{Tour The Shoppe Tuesday}

While at the shoppe, after you take a look at the batiks or juvenile sections of the store there is a door way that goes into another part of the shoppe.

This is a wonderful room....for a few reasons.

1) This is used as the shoppe classroom. If you signed up for a class, this is usually where you will meet, learn and sew. (We specify if it will be @ the Wilson Theatre, like The Kim Diehl class was.)

There are even samples of the classes in one corner....

How cute are those vintage baby quilts?!?!??!

2) In another corner you will find this:

Sale fat quarters, sale patterns, sale kits. Including the samples of the kits on sale.

3) Did I mention the word sale??? Well, this is also where our sale WALL of fabric is located!

And there are a lot of choices back here! A little bit of every thing!

So next time you are in the shoppe don't forget to go to the back of the shoppe and check out this room!

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