Tuesday, November 16, 2010

{Tour The Shoppe Tuesday}

This part of the shoppe is my personal favorite. ;)

It is all things bright, girly & fun!

Amy Butler & Heather Bailey consume a big part! Ahhhh.....

By our cutting counter you will find a doorway, take that doorway & you will find all this!

Did I mention the cute displays?!??! Not just found in this room though, the whole store is pretty clever, if I must say so! But back to this section:

And how cute is that quilt on this bed?!??! Like it??? There is a kit made up for it!

And all the cute Amy Butler is along this wall::

Home decor fabrics....

And we have come full circle: Doorway back to the main section of the shoppe is right there on the left ;)

Quick Tuesday tour, but well worth seeing all the cute-ness!

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