Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Curby's Closet {Quilted Baby Shoes}

On the tour yesterday, I mentioned the cute little display and how I would go into it more today.

So that is what I am doing.

See these cute little shoes???

Cute huh?!?!?

Well this fun display you see here is FULL of all things "Curby's Closet"

The Patterns:

And even the fabric. Quilted and ready to go! That is right! The fabric required to make these shoes needs to be quilted. These are quilted for you and did I mention how cute the fabric choices are?!??! Well, they are adorable!

All in one convenient spot!

I don't have a little baby anymore, but I want to make some just to show off how cute they are! I am sure I can find a cute baby somewhere to model them for me. :)

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