Tuesday, October 19, 2010

{Tour The Shoppe Tuesday}

I don't really know what to call this little section I am showing you today.

Notions Area?
Stitchery Area?
DMC floss?
Rick Rack?

Regardless, this little area is FULL of all of the above! ;)

Next to our first quilting machine (Hi Bonnie!) you will find the area of {Fabulous-ness} (is that even a word??!??!)

See it??

It starts off with the fabulous fall display, like I talked about HERE
Cute stuff found here..... :)

Behind that is this....(I must like to take pictures the same time every day, you know the time of day when the sun is blasting through the top windows making glares on all the patterns!)

A little further back you will come to this....

All the DMC floss you could dream of! See the three cute little boxes on top??? Those right there hold all of the stitchery patterns that you see displayed.

Husband come in shopping with you?? Direct him to this great chair while you take a look around, there is even a basket of magazines for him to look through. Did you notice the wall behind that comfy chair??!?!? That would be a wall of all things books. Books of all sorts. Oh, and some stitchery samples hanging up above!

Need thread?? All things sewing requires thread, and do we have thread!

We also have a sea of felt (and wool felt) and tons of rick rack.

This is such a fun little area! Make sure you remember to take a look when you are in! ;0)

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