Friday, October 1, 2010

{Fabric Friday}

Well, today was suppose to be fabric Friday.
It is also suppose to be the night I post what the sale is going to be for First Saturday.

Not gonna happen.
Because if you didn't know, we have been having a {HUGE} sale at the shoppe. Instead of pulling freight out of the backroom we have been cutting fabric LIKE CRAZY!

Two days down, one to go!
If you haven't made it over to the sale, you still have tomorrow!!

There has been a slight confusion on the end of bolt % off.
Here is the facts:

ALL fabric in our class room (aka sale wall) is 50% off. If you finish the bolt it is 60% off.
The confusion?!?!? It HAS TO BE FROM THE SALE WALL, to get the 60% off discount! It will have a pretty little blue dot sticker by the price tag!

See you all tomorrow at the sale!

If we are all running around like crazy and cutting like mad women, the truth is:: we are running around like crazy AND we are cutting like mad women! But it's oh so fun to see all the pretty fabrics all you crafters bring up for us to cut!

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