Tuesday, September 28, 2010

{Tour The Shoppe Tuesday}

Lately I have been covering the left side of the store as you enter in the shoppe doors.

I am going to do things a little different tonight.
I want to look to the right this time.

The majority of this section if full of wovens.
Don't get me wrong it does have a little splash of different fabrics.

For instance:

Some cottons consisting of "Looking Back" & "Blessings"

It's also packed with a little bit of wilderness/winter flannels{Creekside Flannel} or{Let It Snow}

There is also the super SOFT & cuddly Woolies Flannel.

And I can't forget the wonderful Sweetwater lines. Remember the super adorable "Pure" line full of blue & browns for little boys?!??! Same line!

There is also the spot where you can find all the buggy barn books...

Excluding a few others, the whole corner of the store is pretty much full of woven fabric.

Lots & lots of it!

And I mean A.L.O.T.
More to choose from I say!

But a big thing I want to point out is this little corner here:

Looks like a wall of patterns right?!??!

Well, it's a very important wall of patterns.
You see, all those patterns you see there is where you will look if you see a store sample and want the pattern for it! All in one spot. Wonderful!

Well, if you turn around, there's some there too :) LOTS of store samples = Lots of patterns!

I hope you are all planning a little trip Thurs/Fri/Sat for the big sale!

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