Tuesday, September 21, 2010

{Tour The Shoppe Tuesday}

Week I
Week II
Week III
Week IV

So the first few weeks of the tour was more 'row by row'. This week is a little different.
This week there are alot of rows I am covering.

Six to be exact.

Hope I don't lose ya ;)
Before I show you the pictures, I have to apologies for the over exposed pictures. I had changed my settings recently on my camera and forgot to fix them when I took these pictures! Oops!

I am still on the left side of the store, but to get a better picture of all the aisles, I am standing on the end of the rows.

Love all my red arrows?!??! I think I got a little red arrow happy!

This row is mostly filled with "Scenic" fabric. Tons of flowers. But the cool thing you can find is nature too! If you are making a quilt and need a fabric that look like bricks....got it! See second pic....

Cool huh?!?!?

Row Two::
Enter the start of Civil War.

Row Three::
Civil War & Patriotic

Row Four::
Buggy Barn Fabrics

Row Five::
Seasonal-Fall, Halloween
On the other side of the aisle you will also find the western section & a section full of roosters! :)

Row Six::
All of our Benartex fabrics & our wall of kits.

See all those Pattern books hanging up at the end of the aisle??? That is where all of our Art to Heart books are kept.
I may have mentioned a time or two about our kits to some of our quilt samples. Well, if the kit isn't by the sample hanging up, you will most likely find it here!

Back Wall::
To end up this little (okay, big) section of the store there has to be a wall. In the shoppe's case it's a big wall (HUGE!).
Here you will find our Thimbleberries Collection.

You will also find some Japanese prints and our black & white & red section.

This ends today's tour, don't worry-we aren't done with this side of the store. Yet.

I know, there's more?!?!?!??! Oh, we have only put in a dent to the fabulous-ness of this shoppe!

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