Tuesday, September 14, 2010

{Tour The Shoppe Tuesday}

To Catch up:
Week I
Week II
Week III

Continuing with past weeks, we are still focusing on the LEFT side of the store after you enter the front door. :)

Our next row of fabrics are some of my favorites:

(Starting with the left side of the aisle)

Fig Tree!

Some close Ups:

The uber cute Whimsy Line::
(I have been working on a that super cute quilt that is pictured on the left:: Just have to finish up the hand binding part.....stay tuned!)

Their 'older' lines:: Love their color tones & they all work together!

A GORGEOUS Quilt made out of Fig Tree::

And don't forget we have pre-cuts of alot of Fabrics made my Moda::

And of course you can't forget the THOUSANDS of fat quarters found through out the shoppe

At the end of the aisle you will find this.....A rack full book patterns!

Now on to the right side of the aisle::

First up, Astor Manor by 3 sisters::

The MoMo fabrics! I love these fabrics!

{Wonderland} and {Oz}

The {Spirit} and {Wild Flowers} fabrics::

At the end of this aisle:: The Natures Notebook Line {Remember I mentioned this line HERE}

On the ends of the fabric displays you can find patterns.....tons & tons of patterns to choose from!

Wow! That is alot of fabric & I haven't even begun to put a DENT into the shoppe yet! :)

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